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You’re invited to our Fall Equinox celebration with Camrei! Join us for a transformational morning of 108 Sun Salutations! This sacred yoga practice sets your spine free, re-energizes your body and invites clarity as you transition into a new season. We are excited for you to join us for a morning of mindfulness, movement, and setting intention for our transition from Summer to Fall! Grab your ticket before class fills up!
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We bring you decades of combined experience and studies – Jonathan (aka Sonic Yogi) as a professional musician, practicing yogi, and meditation facilitator, and Octavia as a dedicated practitioner and teacher of yoga, a Vedic chanting expert, and experienced Yoga Nidra facilitator. Since 2016, you explored the deeply restorative and restful effects of sonic vibrations in our advanced sound baths and more profound practices like Yoga Nidra.
We have been experimenting with the depth of being in raised vibrations longer than the norm, and the results have been amazing. In this prolonged and conscious change in vibration, the practitioner can explore the subconscious or causal mind and truly examine old patterns they wish to modify or release.
This is how the idea for Deep Soul Rest was born.
The neuroscience of music and singing confirms that music has profound effects on emotions, brainwaves, breath patterns, and more. Science also tells us that deep rest practices induce states of deeper awareness that positively impact practitioners’ physical and mental well-being.
To “be still” is to interrupt the inertia of unconscious patterns, and sound and frequency can aid that process. The body responds to the potent rest by re-calibrating the nervous system for longer-lasting effects of contentment, wholesomeness, and ultimately a lowered baseline of stress.
So, this monthly offering is longer, richer, more encompassing, and consistent.
Elements: Restorative movement, mantra chanting, stillness practices, sound immersion, 30-minute Yoga Nidra or deeper state of awareness, and Kirtan rooted in our music creation. 
​​​One hour of personalized hands on assisted stretches, body work, and mindfulness techniques designed to release trapped tension and lead the body into a state of deep relaxation. Purchase under "Privates" on the Buy Page, then email info@elementyogaatl.com to schedule.