Expect a challenge in our signature class which begins with a centering warm up leading into a uniquely crafted vinyasa flow, linking breath to movement.  Element Flow always includes a mini core series designed to push your personal edge and a relaxing cool down with savasana rest.  Class temp 85 - 92 degrees


Our signature flow with the opportunity to take postures to the next level.  Each practice begins with a centering warm up leading into a uniquely crafted vinyasa flow, linking breath to movement. Element Advanced Flow offers postures you many not see in other classes and always includes a mini burn/core series/ strength burst designed to push your personal edge and a relaxing cool down with savasana rest.

Class temp 85 - 92 degrees


Our 101 class has everything you need to begin or get back into your yoga practice.  Each class will cover posture alignment, introduction to the sequencing of postures, ending with a relaxing stretch and savasana rest. 

Class temp is 68 - 74 degrees  


Element Lab is the perfect place to learn and experiment! This class begins with a centering warm up and includes deliberate postures and muscle activation that opens the body strategically for peak postures.  This class is ideal for students wanting to strengthen their asana practice and learn how to do peak postures offered in Element Flow and beyond. This class is a great step between Element 101 and Element Flow.  Class temp is 80-85 degrees   


This class is a total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Element Sculpt combines props with strength building, cardio, and a yoga cool down making this class unlike your typical yoga classes and more of a full body workout while preserving the mental and meditative components of yoga. Class is set to an upbeat playlist.

Class temp is 68 - 74 degrees   All Levels Welcome. Socks required


East meets West, in this upbeat, fun, and powerful class.  Class begins with centering and warm up as we flow through our Sun Balletations.  Everything stems from the core and the core remains our foundation throughout the class as we work into our 4 muscle group series (core, legs, upper body, and glutes) to strengthen, lengthen, tone, and stretch the body.  Improved muscle endurance, tone, flexibility, strength, balance, and posture are all physical benefits you can expect to see through isometric holds, more precise ranges, and targeting smaller muscles that functional training doesn't always reach.  Props used will vary and include dumbbells, balls, ankle weights, bands, and the barre.  Let your breath carry you over the burn and into a peaceful stretch and savasana.  You've earned it! 


Class temp is 68 - 74 degrees . Socks required.  All Levels are welcome.


Element Restore is our signature "chill" yoga class.  Class begins with centering to calm the mind and welcome in total relaxation before holding passive gentle postures to help regulate stress response and rebalance the nervous system.  Class temp is 68-74 degrees


Described as Yoga for your joints, self-massage, needleless acupuncture, or a functional approach to posture practice, Yin is a style of Yoga practice where floor postures are held in a relaxed manner for minutes at a time. This leads to the release of deep-seated tension that is relaxing and therapeutic for the body and calming to the mind.

This style of asana is accessible for all levels of practice and makes an excellent choice for a first yoga class. It is also a great 'recovery day' practice and an all-around awesome way to finish your day.

Class temp is 80 - 85 degrees 


Think Flow + Chill, on opposite day! Our YinYasa class honors our body's desire to target our deeper connective tissues while the muscles are still cool and relaxed. The beginning of class is met with longer, more submissive asanas that we hold for 2 to 4 minutes. By holding our Yin asanas for longer periods of time we strengthen and stretch our ligaments, tendons, etc. The muscles are set up for success as we transition into our more energetic Vinyasa flows. When your chill comes before your flow your body is afforded an increase in range of motion and flexibility. Your muscles are prepared to move breath-to-movement safely and your mind is strengthened by your commitment to stillness and you are fully ready to take on whatever comes your way! Let's flow!