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Element Yoga is Brookhaven’s premier yoga studio offering group and private and classes, workshops and retreats, coaching, and teacher trainings. There is a formula to each of our classes combining the elements of sweat, flow, and chill. We bring the science of heat, movement, breath, and meditation all into one class for a complete mind, body and soul experience that will leave you feeling strengthened, agile, and restored. With our holistic class structures and our varied class offerings, you can get everything you need for a comprehensive wellness routine under one roof. We have two studio rooms, each set up for heated or non heated classes with state of the art sound systems. Room A is mirror free, has ambient lighting, and is the perfect setting to tune out and tune in as our experienced teachers lead you through an unmatched yogic experience. Room B is equipped with barres, mirrors, and top of the line fitness flooring so you can push further than ever before. With over 13 different props for your use, you’ll never do the same class twice.


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